Latest log house projects from Betana Log House

Discover the latest log house developments from Betana Blockhaus. In this overview, we show you our latest construction projects, ranging from multi-storey residential buildings to compact garden sheds. Each of our log house constructions bears witness to our expertise and our striving for the highest quality. Get to know the different stages of our log house projects, from the delivery of materials to the finished house, and gather ideas for your individual building project.

Each of our log houses tells a unique story, and at Betana Log House we create these stories with dedication and precision. Be inspired by our latest building projects and feel the fascination of log house construction, from the first sketch to the last piece of wood. Whether you are looking for inspiration for your dream home or appreciate the craftsmanship of log home construction – you will find plenty of ideas and inspiration here.

From the kit to the assembled log house

Click on a project to go to a picture gallery. Here you can follow the various stages of construction in detail, from the delivery of the kit to the complete assembly of the log house.

Inspiration for your log house project

The building projects presented here are intended to provide you with a variety of ideas for developing the perfect concept for your own log home. Every house we build is a special experience for the client – and we feel the same way!