Log house – Garden house Oslo custom-made

The “Oslo garden house” is a cozy wooden house made of 50 mm solid logs. With a ridge height of approx. 2.65 m and a side wall height of approx. 2.08 m, it also offers enough space for tall people. It is a fairly inexpensive garden shed, but offers high-quality workmanship and a wide range of uses. It has a double door with insulating glass, a shed door with modern fittings and windows with insulating glass and tilt and turn function. With its attractive appearance and functional features, the Oslo garden shed is an attractive addition to current customer projects.

For this customer project, the model
Oslo garden shed
4 x 3 model was chosen for this customer project, which was also equipped with a canopy as a storage shed. This not only offers a charming retreat, but also practical outdoor storage space. The individual customization demonstrates the flexibility and wide range of possible uses that the Oslo garden shed offers its owners.

Floor plans