The building application for the new house

1. introduction
If you want to build a new house, you will have to deal with the building application and planning permission. There are many opinions and regulations on this topic, as every federal state and every municipality in Germany has different building codes and regulations.
2. basic rule
Nothing may be built in Germany without a permit. However, there are structures that are "permit-free" if they do not exceed certain sizes. These sizes can vary depending on the location (e.g. 10 m², 20 m² or 65 cubic meters of enclosed space).
3. different requirements
Some buildings only require a building notification, while others require a full building application procedure. Whether a building application is required for your building project depends on the size of the house and should be checked with the relevant building authority.
4. submission of the building application
You cannot submit a building application on your own. An architect/engineer authorized to submit building plans in the respective federal state must prepare and sign all the necessary documents. In addition, a building project-related structural analysis and, in the case of residential buildings, an individual energy requirement calculation must be prepared.
5. differences between preliminary building application, building permit and building approval
The preliminary building application confirms that you are generally permitted to build on your property. The building permit confirms that you may build the house described in the building application in exactly the same way. The building permit gives you permission to start the construction work.
6. support from Betana Blockhaus
The planning application process can be complicated, but Betana Log Homes offers support to make the process easier.