Kit assembly: The path to your dream log home

Before your dream log home becomes a reality, the kit assembly is the first step. Here you can find out how to turn a pile of wood into your dream home.

Kit assembly in pictures:

Our expert assembly partners at work: this is how a log house is built!

DIY or specialist company: who will assemble your log home?
With a little skill, you can assemble smaller garden sheds and vacation homes yourself. For larger vacation homes or residential buildings, however, we recommend that you call on the expertise of our company. Why? In addition to the necessary expertise, you benefit from statutory warranties and the installation materials included in the price.
Our additional services: More than just assembly
We offer more than just kit assembly. Our services also include the installation of windows and doors, the laying of floors and the installation of external roof boarding. And the best part? We can offer you additional installation services through our partners, such as additional insulation, roofing and guttering.
Master erector assembly: the best of both worlds
Would you like to assemble your log home yourself, but are unsure? For vacation homes of 50 m² or more, we will be happy to put you in touch with an experienced builder. With the master builder assembly, you build your house yourself while an expert stands by your side and gives you valuable tips.