Our services for your log house

Discover the comprehensive range of services offered by Betana Blockhaus, which goes far beyond the purchase of a timber house kit. From the individual planning of your log house to the procurement of engineering services and various assembly services – we offer you comprehensive support for your building project. Find out more about our additional services such as individual floor plans, transportation, insulation and various features that will make your log home project a success.

Are you dreaming of a log home that exactly meets your expectations? At Betana Log House we make this dream come true! Not only do we offer you customized timber house construction kits, but also a wealth of additional services that will make your project unique. Whether individual floor plans, special insulation or special features – we are your partner from the initial idea to completion. Let our expertise inspire you and design your dream home with us.

Our additional services at a glance:

Individual floor plans
Are you looking for a unique home that stands out from the crowd? Do you want a home that reflects your personality rather than a run-of-the-mill house? You've come to the right place! Our standard floor plans are just a starting point. They are neither chiseled in stone nor carved in wood. We offer you the opportunity to plan and design your individual dream home together with us. Benefit from our expertise in house construction and our passion for individual solutions. With us, your dream home becomes reality - efficiently, professionally and entirely according to your wishes. Rely on quality and individuality.
Transportation of your log house
Are you looking for an authentic log home that not only makes a statement, but also offers maximum living comfort? Of course, such a masterpiece cannot simply be put into a small package! Depending on the size of your dream home, we're talking about impressive cubic meters of wood and a considerable weight in tons. But don't worry, we have the logistics expertise and resources to get your log home to you safely and efficiently. Our flexible delivery options are designed to adapt to your needs. The transportation costs are always transparent and are based on factors such as distance, load volume and the specific vehicle required for the transport. Our goal? To offer you the best service while keeping costs low. Discover more about our customized delivery options and other exciting details directly on the product pages of our unique log cabins. Take the first step towards your dream home today
Assembly services
Our reliable partner companies are on hand to ensure professional and expert installation. From the simple assembly of the kit to the perfect roof covering and high-quality insulation - we offer solutions that are tailored to every type of house. And the best thing about it? You receive customized options that meet your needs and budget. Delve deeper into the world of house building and find out more about insulation, roofing and guttering in our detailed sections. Take the first step towards your dream home and experience the difference that quality and expertise can make
Insulating your log house
High-quality insulation is the key! Our specially developed insulation solutions not only protect your home from the cold winter months, but also from the scorching summer heat. It's not just about thermal comfort: depending on the insulation you choose, your log cabin can be upgraded from a cozy vacation home to a year-round home. We not only provide you with first-class products, but also professional installation services. Discover the many different types of insulation we offer and let our experts advise you. After all, a well-insulated house is not only energy-efficient, but also sustainable and future-proof. Invest in quality and enjoy the comfort that only an optimally insulated log home can offer.
Various equipment features
Here you will find a wide range of houses with different designs and features. Depending on how you want to use your home, we offer customized solutions that fit your lifestyle perfectly. A small garden shed that serves as a cozy retreat can be equipped with an impressive wall thickness of 70 mm or even 94 mm, complete with insulation and residential windows. But let's be honest: for a garden shed that is mainly used in the warmer months, this could be a bit of "pure luxury".

On the other hand, a spacious vacation or residential home with a wall thickness of just 50 mm would not really be practicable. That is why we have carefully selected wall thicknesses and equipment variants on our specific house pages that best suit the respective house models. Our experts are always on hand to guide you through the many options and ensure you make the best choice for your dream home. Let's design the perfect home for you together - one that is both functional and stylish!
Engineering services
Are you planning to build your dream home and wondering whether you need a planning application? There are a few important things to consider when realizing your building project, especially when it comes to official approvals. Unless your future home is located on an allotment or is of an impressive size, it is highly likely that you will have to submit a planning application. The be-all and end-all here: Your local building authority has the last word!

But don't worry, we won't let you down! As a general rule, the larger and more magnificent the house, the greater the chance that a planning application will be required. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. There are many details that can vary depending on the federal state.

Our competent engineering partner is at your side for all technical and bureaucratic questions. Whether you need a complete building application, a detailed structural calculation or an energy demand calculation, we have the expertise and resources to guide you through the entire process. Put your trust in our experience and make the construction of your dream home a smooth experience!
Customer ideas:
Be inspired by the realized dreams of our customers' log houses. Individuality and creativity are required here. We implement your customer wishes in the best possible way. Take a look at the possibilities right away and look forward to suggestions for your new log home

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