Roof covering - bitumen shingles or metal roof

Bitumen shingles are a cost-effective yet durable roof covering to match the timber house. These consist of a base layer of glass fleece to which bitumen has been applied on both sides. A mineral granulate seals the structure to the outside and gives the shingle the desired appearance.

Eine Person steht auf dem Dach eines Hauses mit Dacheindeckung.

Roof covering – Before view

Beschreibung: Das Dach eines Hauses mit einer roten Metall-Dachdeckung.

Roof covering – After view

Bitumen shingles - shapes and colors

Plain tile shingles

green / brick red / black anthracite

Plain tile roofing is a traditional method of roofing buildings using special flat tiles that have a rounded shape at the end, reminiscent of a beaver’s tail. These tiles are laid in overlapping rows, with each tile partially covering the tile below. This ensures effective drainage of rainwater and protects the roof from the weather. Plain tile roofing is particularly widespread in Europe and is often used on historic buildings or in regions with traditional architecture. It not only offers protection, but also an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Rectangular shingles

green / brick red / black anthracite

Rectangular shingles are a type of roofing material that is often used in various construction methods. They are rectangular in shape and can be made from various materials such as wood, asphalt, metal or plastic. Rectangular shingles are laid on top of each other, with each layer overlapping the seams of the layer below to create a waterproof barrier. This overlap system ensures that water is effectively drained from the roof and prevents leaks. Rectangular shingles are popular because of their ease of installation, durability and aesthetics. They also offer a variety of design options as they are available in different colors and textures.

Diamond shingles

Diamond shingles are a special type of roofing that is characterized by its unique shape and appearance. They resemble a diamond in shape and therefore offer an aesthetically pleasing alternative to conventional roof shingles. In addition to their attractive design, diamond shingles are also highly resistant to weathering and have a long service life. They are often made from high-quality materials such as slate, clay or even metal and can be available in different colors and finishes depending on the material and workmanship. The special shape of the diamond shingles also enables efficient water drainage, which minimizes the risk of water damage to the roof. Overall, diamond shingles are a stylish and durable option for roofing.

Our offer for you
1 layer of roofing felt, bitumen shingles (color and shape to your taste) Per square meter of material and installation € 55,-
Eine Nahaufnahme einer braunen Dacheindeckung.
85,00 €
Metal roof in tile look
Colors and prices:
85,00€ per m² incl. Assembly

Red-brown / brick-red / black / anthracite
Eine Dacheindeckung mit einem blau-roten Dach.
40,00 €
Ridge plates and verge plates
Colors and prices:
40,00€ per running meter incl. Assembly

Color-matched to the roof tile sheet
Please note!
For houses with a roof pitch of more than 36 degrees and a ridge height of more than 5.20 m, roof coverings can no longer be carried out by our installation partners. You would need to contact a roofer for this. Roof coverings can only be offered by our installation partners in connection with a kit installation. The material cannot be ordered separately through us or the installation company.
Only in conjunction with a kit assembly!
Roof coverings can only be offered by our installation partners in connection with a kit installation. The material cannot be ordered separately through us or the installation company.