Optimal transportation for your dream log home

Your dream home is just a transport away! At Betana, we make sure that your log home reaches you safely and efficiently.

Customized logistics for every home
A log house is no ordinary package. Depending on the size of your home, we offer customized transport solutions. From compact 12-ton trucks to impressive 40-ton articulated trucks - we have everything under control!
Big houses? No problem!
For our larger models, such as 1.5-storey houses or spacious single-storey houses, we rely on direct deliveries from the factory with a 40-ton articulated truck. Please make sure that you have suitable unloading equipment (crane, wheel loader, forklift with a lifting capacity of at least 3 tons) to ensure smooth transport.
Flexibility for medium-sized houses
Medium-sized houses benefit from our flexibility. Our articulated trucks with unloading crane are perfect for such projects. If local conditions prevent delivery by articulated truck, we will divide the transport into several deliveries.
Small but mighty!
Our charming sleeping loft houses or garden sheds are delivered by our own 12-ton truck, depending on the distance. Don't worry, with a little help they can easily be unloaded manually.
Why Betana?
We are not only experts in the construction of log houses, but also in their delivery. Put your trust in our years of experience and let us work together to make your dream home a reality!