Sleeping loft houses - Garden sheds / Garden houses with sleeping loft 24sqm

Experience the fascination of sleeping loft houses at Betana Log House. Our gazebos with sleeping loft, designed in accordance with the allotment garden law, offer you an innovative living solution that combines nature and comfort. Whether as a cozy weekend house, guest house or storage space – our Nordic spruce sleeping loft houses are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and durable.

Imagine a little paradise in your garden where you can retreat and watch the stars – that’s the promise of our sleeping loft houses! At Betana Log House, we bring the charm of loft living into your garden. From the classic Swedish loft house to the modern Gotland loft house – we have the perfect model to make your dream of a cozy garden retreat come true!

Our sleeping loft houses at a glance: