Sleeping loft house Helsinki – garden house 24sqm with veranda

Gartenlaube Helsinki
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from 9.110,00 EUR
plus. Assembly
24 sqm floor space
Available with and without sleeping loft
2 variants
Suitable for allotment gardens


Helsinki 1 with SB

in 50mm
  • Kit price without assembly
  • Assembly 2.200 EUR
Price tip

Helsinki 2

in 70mm
  • Kit price without assembly
  • Assembly 2.200 EUR

The prices quoted are cash prices and are inclusive of VAT. 19 % VAT. Assembly prices are optional, you can also order all houses without assembly. Decorations, roofing felt and assembly materials are not included in the kit price. Some of the houses shown here are custom-built and may differ from the respective standard model in terms of construction and appearance, depending on the design. Some of the log cabins shown are painted with colors that are not included in the scope of delivery and services. All dimensions are approximate and subject to change.

Technical data - Equipment


Our log cabin Helsinki in log construction with a plank thickness of 50 mm has a size of 24 m² and is therefore an ideal arbor for gardens or allotments. However, it is also ideal as a guest house on a larger property or as a small vacation home. The Helsinki has a number of convincing advantages, of which the high comfort factor is perhaps the most important.

But the technical highlights are also worthy of note. This small vacation home has its own sleeping loft and a ridge height of 3.50 m and a side wall height of 2.34 m. The sleeping loft measures 4.0 m x 1.4 m and can be reached via its own loft ladder. The entrance door is a double door with a profile cylinder lock and insulating glass as well as fittings and glazing bars, while the door to the extension is a wooden shed door, which also has a profile cylinder lock and fittings. It should also be borne in mind that the extension is well suited for storing garden tools, as the Helsinki log cabin is of course also more or less a classic garden shed, which would also be well suited for a real allotment garden.

As with all sleeping loft houses, we can also offer you high-quality deluxe windows and external doors for this house as an option. These have a robust glued frame construction, one-hand turn/tilt mechanism and a triple locking system.
Of course, individual modification requests and equipment features are also possible. Let us create your non-binding complete offer today!

Photos - exterior and interior