Log cabin as a vacation home with veranda and sleeping loft

A small vacation home made of light-colored wood, brown-framed windows and a red tiled roof. The house has two rectangular windows on the lower floor and two smaller square windows on the upper floor. A charming veranda adorns the front, perfect for enjoying the partly cloudy sky.

The customer project comprises the construction of a log cabin as a vacation home with a total area of 52.8 m². The house is made of robust 94 mm thick beams, which ensures high stability and excellent insulation.

Special features of the vacation home include a cozy veranda, which invites you to relax and enjoy the outdoors, as well as a practical sleeping loft, which offers additional sleeping space and makes the most of the space in the house.

This log cabin combines rustic charm with modern functionality and is ideal for a relaxing vacation.

Floor plans