Pent roof house 6500×3700 in 70mm

A wooden single-pitched roof house with double doors and two windows on each side stands on a paved area surrounded by a green lawn. Trees, a fence and part of a house can be seen in the background. The sky is partly cloudy. This 6500 x 3700 structure has durable, 70 mm thick walls for added stability.

We are pleased to present one of our latest customer projects: A beautiful mono-pitched roof house measuring 6500×3700 mm with a wall thickness of 70 mm. This project shows just how individual and versatile our shed roof houses can be.

Why a pent roof house?

Our customer was looking for a modern and practical solution for additional space in the garden. A pent roof house not only offers a unique, modern look thanks to the pitched roof, but also many practical advantages. It provides efficient protection from the weather and the spacious interior creates a bright and friendly atmosphere.

High-quality materials for maximum comfort

For this project, we used robust wood with a thickness of 70 mm. This choice of material guarantees outstanding stability and durability as well as excellent insulation. This means that the pent roof house can be used at any time of year, as it always offers a pleasant indoor climate.

Simple installation and individual design

The precise workmanship and clear assembly instructions make it easy to assemble the mono-pitch roof house.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Modern design: Stylish look thanks to the striking monopitch roof
  • Robust and durable: 70 mm thick wood for maximum stability
  • Optimum protection: Efficient protection against the weather
  • Wide range of possible uses: Ideal as a garden shed, studio, hobby room or guest house
  • Simple assembly: clearly understandable assembly instructions
  • Individual design: freedom in interior and exterior design

Let us inspire you!

This pent roof house project impressively demonstrates how our houses can be individually adapted and used in a variety of ways. It is an excellent example of how quality and design go hand in hand and how easy it can be to realize the dream of your own retreat.

Contact us today and make your dream of owning a pent roof house come true!

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