Current projects from Betana - Individual log house according to customer requirements

Individual log house project according to customer requirements

One of our current log house projects in September 2023.

September 2023

The project aimed to design and construct a customized log house according to the client’s specific requirements. The execution of the project was ensured by the close cooperation between our engineering partner, the installation company and the customer.

  1. Project description: The central element of the project was the creation of a customized log house that meets the client’s personal wishes. The construction site for the project was Kloster-Lehnin in Brandenburg.
  2. Planning phase: The planning phase began with the preparation of the building application and the structural analysis, which were provided by our engineering partner. This made it possible to clearly define the design and regulatory requirements for the project.
  3. Execution phase: The execution phase took place in September 2023. The assembly company responsible for building the log house was able to erect the house efficiently and in accordance with the technical specifications and additional requirements of the customer.
  4. Assembly and extras: The assembly company was not only responsible for the basic construction of the log house, but also for the implementation of all additional equipment elements and extras requested by the customer. These additional elements were successfully integrated and contributed to meeting customer expectations.
  5. Completion and handover: After completion of the assembly work, the log house was presented to the customer for inspection and final acceptance. The handover took place on time and to the complete satisfaction of the customer.
  6. Conclusion: The project was completed successfully and to the satisfaction of the customer. The efficient and professional cooperation of all parties involved contributed significantly to the successful completion of the project. The experience gained from this project provides valuable insights for future projects with similar requirements.
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