Garden house Friedland - solid log house made of wood

Blockhaus Friedland
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from 9630,00 EUR
plus. Assembly
24 sqm floor space
Made from robust Nordic spruce
6 variants
Suitable for allotment gardens


Friedland 1

4x4+2.5m veranda
  • Kit price without assembly
  • Assembly 1.150 EUR
Price tip

Friedland 2

4x4+2.5m veranda+1.5m extension
  • Kit price without assembly
  • Assembly 1.350 EUR

Friedland 3

5x5+2.5m veranda
  • Kit price without assembly
  • Assembly 1.500 EUR

Friedland 4

5x5+2.5m veranda+1.5m extension
  • Kit price without assembly
  • Assembly 1.700 EUR

Friedland 5

6x6+2.5m veranda
  • Kit price without assembly
  • Assembly 1.700 EUR

Friedland 6

6x6+2.5m veranda+1.5m extension
  • Kit price without assembly
  • Assembly 1.999 EUR

The prices quoted are cash prices and are inclusive of VAT. 19 % VAT. Assembly prices are optional, you can also order all houses without assembly. Decorations, roofing felt and assembly materials are not included in the kit price. Some of the houses shown here are custom-built and may differ from the respective standard model in terms of construction and appearance, depending on the design. Some of the log cabins shown are painted with colors that are not included in the scope of delivery and services. All dimensions are approximate and subject to change.

Technical data - Equipment

Additional services

Only in conjunction with kit installation

Plastic rainwater gutter:
100 mm rain gutter plastic brown or gray with metal gutter bars and 2 downpipes
The running meter of material and assembly costs € 55.
10 running meters cost € 550.

Zinc rain gutter :
125 mm zinc gutter including 2 downpipes, zinc hanging plates, gutter iron
The running meter of material and assembly costs € 75,-.
10 running meters cost € 750

If a kit assembly is commissioned, the assembly company will unload the kit, provided that the unloading site and the construction site are not more than 30 m apart.

The client must provide a foundation ready for acceptance, including a horizontal barrier layer, as well as a simple power connection.

foundation in Berlin and the surrounding area
Foundation and terrace construction company
Klaus Walossek on.
Mobile : 0172-3109728


Our solid small log house Friedland is a real ornament for every garden, because it is built from robust Nordic spruce in high-quality log construction with double tongue & groove. Only planks with a thickness of 70 mm or – optionally – a 94 mm plank are used for this cozy and stable garden shed, which is also ideal as a small arbor. The base frame and the optionally available floor supports have a thickness of 68 x 68 millimeters, the floor boards, which are also optional, are 26 mm thick. The small but fine wooden garden shed has a ridge height of 2.65 m to 3.22 m, depending on how large the house is ultimately to be.

However, the height of the side walls also varies between 2.08 m and 2.21 m depending on the size of the house, whereby the customer’s personal design requirements can of course be taken into account.

Photos - Exterior and interior - Floor plans