Log house Hamburg as a home

Blockbohlenhaus Hamburg
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EUR 108,326.00
including assembly
126 sqm usable space on two levels
2-storey residential building
Building application procedure required



in 94mm
  • Kit price incl. Assembly
  • Assembly 0 EUR

The prices quoted are cash prices and are inclusive of VAT. 19 % VAT. Assembly prices are optional, you can also order all houses without assembly. Decorations, roofing felt and assembly materials are not included in the kit price. Some of the houses shown here are custom-built and may differ from the respective standard model in terms of construction and appearance, depending on the design. Some of the log cabins shown are painted with colors that are not included in the scope of delivery and services. All dimensions are approximate and subject to change.

Technical data - Equipment


The Hamburg log house is not only one of our most beautiful log houses, it is also ideal as a home for a family of several people. The existing additional insulation in the roof and exterior walls, as well as the window and door elements suitable for residential buildings, should enable you to comply with the Energy Saving Ordinance – provided you equip the house with an average heating system.

In most cases, underfloor heating or an already insulated foundation is installed in such a house. If this is not an option for you, we can offer you optional underfloor insulation and floor boarding.

The house impresses with its great amount of space, the well thought-out room layout and the balcony at the rear. Of course, the Hamburg timber house can also be customized. If you wish, you can of course dispense with the additional external wall insulation and either do it yourself or “just” use the house as a vacation home. The double-glazed units with a 1.1 UG value can also be replaced with triple-glazed windows with a 0.7 UG value. We will be happy to provide you with a suitable offer!

Photos - Exterior and interior - Floor plans