Sustainable living in the Fjord Deluxe log home

nachhaltiges wohnen
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EUR 68,305.00
including assembly
75sqm floor space
Two-storey residential building
Building application procedure required


Fjord Deluxe

in 94mm
  • Kit price incl. Assembly
  • Assembly 0 EUR

The prices quoted are cash prices and are inclusive of VAT. 19 % VAT. Assembly prices are optional, you can also order all houses without assembly. Decorations, roofing felt and assembly materials are not included in the kit price. Some of the houses shown here are custom-built and may differ from the respective standard model in terms of construction and appearance, depending on the design. Some of the log cabins shown are painted with colors that are not included in the scope of delivery and services. All dimensions are approximate and subject to change.

Technical data - Equipment


Discover the Fjord Deluxe, the quintessence of modern, livable construction that is not only affordable but also sustainable. This special version is a true masterpiece of architecture, combining comfort, efficiency and environmental awareness in perfect harmony. With a generous usable area of 80 m², spread over two levels, the Fjord Deluxe offers enough space for comfortable living and working.

The insulation of the Fjord Deluxe sets new standards in terms of energy efficiency and comfort. The roof is fitted with 180 mm thick insulation, while the floor has optional 80 mm insulation, which is available at extra cost. The outer walls are fitted with 140 mm thick insulation throughout. All of this is professionally installed by our experienced installation partners to ensure the highest quality and durability.

For those who value an even higher level of ecological sustainability, the Fjord Deluxe offers flexibility in the choice of insulation materials. The standard scope of delivery includes high-quality rock wool, but this can be replaced with alternative, more environmentally friendly options such as wood fiber insulation or thermal hemp as required. These options not only offer excellent insulating properties, but also contribute to a healthier living environment and reduce the ecological footprint of your home.

The Fjord Deluxe stands for a future in which sustainable living and affordable construction are not opposites, but go hand in hand. Choose a home that reflects your values while offering you the comfort and quality you deserve. Be inspired by the vision of Fjord Deluxe and become part of a new movement that shows that ecological awareness and modern living are perfectly compatible.

Photos - Exterior and interior - Floor plans