Current projects from Betana - Small log house in Bavaria

Small log house in Bavaria

August 2023

Dear log home enthusiasts,

Betana Blockhaus is pleased to present a special gem to you today: The “Small log house in Bavaria”.

From delivery to the building shell: an impressive process

The start of any project is always an exciting moment. When the first building materials and prefabricated log house elements arrived at the property in Bavaria, we knew that a new adventure was about to begin. The components were delivered and prepared with precision and care.

Step by step, you saw how an impressive log house was created from individual blocks of wood. Under the expert guidance of our team, the shell was erected within a very short time. We placed particular emphasis on quality and stability in order to offer you a long-lasting and secure home.

Why Betana Log House is the right partner for you

Choosing Betana Log House as a partner for your building project has numerous advantages:

  1. Quality: Our many years of experience in log house construction guarantee you the highest quality and durability.
  2. Individuality: Each of our projects is unique. We respond to your wishes and needs and implement them in detail.
  3. Sustainability: We only use sustainably sourced wood and attach great importance to environmentally friendly construction methods.
  4. Full service: From planning to completion, we are at your side with help and advice.

A satisfied customer reports

“I felt I was in good hands with Betana Blockhaus right from the start. I was impressed by the professionalism and commitment of the team. Now that my little log cabin is standing, I am overjoyed and thank the whole team for their excellent work!” –

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