Greenland vacation home in 70 or 94 mm logs

Ferienhaus Grönland
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from EUR 23,988.00
plus. Assembly
54sqm floor space
incl. Veranda and extension
2 variants
Building application procedure required


Greenland 1

in 70mm
  • Kit price without assembly
  • Assembly 3.199 EUR
Price tip

Greenland 2

in 94mm
  • Kit price without assembly
  • Assembly 3.399 EUR

The prices quoted are cash prices and are inclusive of VAT. 19 % VAT. Assembly prices are optional, you can also order all houses without assembly. Decorations, roofing felt and assembly materials are not included in the kit price. Some of the houses shown here are custom-built and may differ from the respective standard model in terms of construction and appearance, depending on the design. Some of the log cabins shown are painted with colors that are not included in the scope of delivery and services. All dimensions are approximate and subject to change.

Technical data - Equipment


Thanks to its technical data and dimensions, the Greenland log cabin is very popular on leisure and camping sites, where specific specifications are required in terms of living space, extensions and the veranda. Permanent residence is at least tolerated on many of these facilities.

This versatile, modifiable log cabin defies the cooler seasons with its 70 or 94 mm thick wall planks. Additional roof and floor insulation, windows suitable for residential buildings with a UG value of 1.1 and insulation of the exterior walls are a sensible addition to ensure a year-round, permanent residence with a feel-good factor.

Photos - Exterior and interior - Floor plans