Fjord special model 4

Fjord Deluxe 5 x 8: Architectural elegance meets individuality!

Raise the curtain on our Fjord Deluxe 5 x 8 – a living highlight that not only impresses with its impressive floor space, but also with its innovative design. Extended with two stylish side extensions, this model offers additional space and freedom to make your dream home a reality.

But it’s not just the extensions that make this Fjord Deluxe unique. The individual room layout, tailored to modern living requirements and designed with an eye for detail, allows you to make the most of every square meter and celebrate your own lifestyle.

You will have to go through a planning application process for this house.
Please refer to the relevant information on our information sheet on the planning application procedure.

Technical illustration of a house roof structure, showing trusses, beams, and supports in cyan and green colors against a white background.
Log cabin Deluxe as baseFjord
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A Fjord Deluxe 5 x 8 is not just a house – it is a statement for all those who are looking for something special and value the highest quality. Discover the perfect symbiosis of traditional architecture and modern living flair and set new standards in home decor together with us! Your dream home awaits – exquisite, individual and incomparably elegant.

NOW NEW: The right wood protection for your log house!
From HK-Lasur to hard wax seal – we are happy to offer you the ideal coatings for your house. Just ask us!