Fjord special model 3

The fjord highlight: compact, individual & luxurious!

A compact masterpiece that impresses on 70 m² over two levels and leaves nothing to be desired. With its cleverly modified room layout and tailor-made adaptations, it sets new standards in modern living culture and stands out from standard solutions.

A spacious side extension, which runs the entire length of the house, not only adds a special visual accent, but also enriches the first floor with over 12 additional square meters of usable space.

This extension embodies flexibility and design intelligence and enables a sense of space that is rarely found on this scale.

You will have to go through a planning application process for this house.
Please refer to the relevant information on our information sheet on the planning application procedure.

Illustration of a skeletal framework for a gable roof house, showcasing the wooden beams and structural layout in a 3d perspective, rendered in green lines on a white background.
Log cabin Deluxe as baseFjord
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The extended Fjord house is the epitome for anyone looking for a balance between space-saving design and luxurious space. A home that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them – in every square meter you enter! Invest in a future in which living quality and individuality go hand in hand.

NOW NEW: The right wood protection for your log house!
From HK-Lasur to hard wax seal – we are happy to offer you the ideal coatings for your house. Just ask us!