Fjord special model 2

Discover the small Fjord House, which despite its compact size of 70 m² of floor space extends over two levels, as a true masterpiece of space utilization. This exclusive model has been optimized with a covered and elegantly designed room layout on the first floor and redefines modern living comfort.

But that’s not all: to further maximize the living space and meet the needs of discerning homeowners, the usable area has been skilfully extended with a stylish side extension. This innovative design not only provides more space, but also blends seamlessly into the existing architectural concept.

You will have to go through a planning application process for this house.
Please refer to the relevant information on our information sheet on the planning application procedure.

Technical drawing of a wooden roof structure, featuring detailed beams and trusses, displayed in a 3d isometric view with green and blue color coding.
Log cabin Deluxe as baseFjord
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Optimized luxury in a compact space: The Fjord Juwel!

The small Fjord house is the perfect proof that luxury and functionality are not mutually exclusive, but can merge in harmonious symbiosis. Experience a unique living environment that effortlessly combines aesthetics, comfort and space optimization – ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to compromise!


NOW NEW: The right wood protection for your log house!
From HK-Lasur to hard wax seal – we are happy to offer you the ideal coatings for your house. Just ask us!