Fjord special model 1

Dream Residence Fjord Deluxe: Immerse yourself in a living experience in a class of its own! As soon as you enter the spacious, open-plan living room on the first floor, you will feel the invitation to spend unforgettable moments with family and friends. The majestic four-wing element on the side not only gives the house an imposing aesthetic, but also provides a flood of natural light and opens up impressive views.

The upper floor reveals a masterful interior design: well thought-out partition walls create intimate retreats and at the same time offer space for your creative ideas. It’s not just a house – it’s a masterpiece of architecture that captures the essence of comfort and luxury. Discover one of our most impressive special models: Fjord Deluxe – where dreams are at home!

You will have to go through a planning application process for this house.
Please refer to the relevant information on our information sheet on the planning application procedure.

A charming small wooden house with a steep gable roof and a lush garden, set under a clear blue sky. a unique tree with a bending trunk towers over the house.
Log cabin Deluxe as baseFjord
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Immerse yourself in the unique fusion of Scandinavian and Baltic design, packaged in a timeless wooden house. Our Fjord Deluxe is not just a product – it is a star in our collection and a bestseller that customers choose again and again. Why? Thanks to its unbeatable price-performance ratio, which is second to none.

This jewel of a wooden holiday home, now also available in the exclusive kneeling storey version, not only offers first-class quality, but also an irresistible price that will make your heart beat faster. Are your visions and wishes limitless? Fjord Deluxe adapts! Its flexible design allows countless customizations, making it a true chameleon among our wooden houses.

Whether as a cozy weekend retreat with integrated roof insulation, perfect for winter getaways, or with a small upgrade as your permanent home – Fjord Deluxe offers both. High-quality windows and exterior doors? Naturally included! And if you’re looking for additional external wall insulation, you’ve come to the right place. The Fjord Deluxe is not just a house, but your dream in wood!


NOW NEW: The right wood protection for your log house!
From HK-Lasur to hard wax seal – we are happy to offer you the ideal coatings for your house. Just ask us!