Technical drawing of a floor plan with various dimensions marked in pink and blue, showing room layouts, measurements, and the placement of stairs.

Timber house planning made easy

When it comes to building a house, many people first think of stone or concrete buildings. But wooden houses are also becoming increasingly popular. This is because wood offers numerous advantages as a building material. It is a renewable raw material that is very robust and resistant to weathering and fire. Wood is also a very good insulator and ensures a pleasant living climate.

Anyone who decides to build a timber house can have a competent partner at their side with Betana. The company offers a wide range of standard floor plans that can be customized. But you can also implement your own ideas and concepts. The process is very simple: First, a floor plan is sketched or an existing standard floor plan is adapted. This plan is then sent to Betana. The experts then check the feasibility of the wishes and submit an individual offer.

It’s not just about the floor plans of the wooden houses. There are also numerous options when it comes to the choice of materials and technical equipment. Whether it’s the choice of roof or windows, the interior fittings or the heating system – Betana provides its customers with comprehensive advice and implements their ideas professionally.

A timber house is not just a house. It is a place where you feel comfortable and secure. A place where you can come to rest and relax. A place that offers security and safety. Betana understands the importance of this place and does everything she can to make the dream of owning a wooden house a reality. With the company’s expertise and its own creativity, individual timber houses can be created that are perfectly tailored to the customer’s wishes and needs.

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