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The allotment garden law in Germany

There are many people in Germany who are interested in an allotment garden. These small gardens offer the advantage of having a piece of land where you can grow vegetables or simply enjoy nature. But if you want to run an allotment garden, you have to abide by certain rules that are regulated in the allotment garden law.

The allotment garden law, also known as the federal allotment garden law, regulates the use of allotment gardens in Germany. It came into force in 1983 and aims to protect and promote allotment gardens as an important part of urban green spaces.

One of the most important regulations of the allotment garden law is the fact that allotment gardens may only be cultivated by members of an allotment garden association. In addition, they may only be used for the cultivation of fruit, vegetables and flowers and as recreational areas. Commercial use is not permitted.

Furthermore, the allotment garden law stipulates that allotment gardens may only be cultivated by persons who do not have their own garden or a comparable plot of land. The size of allotment gardens is also limited. As a rule, they may not exceed a size of 400 to 600 square meters.

Another important aspect of the allotment garden law is the protection of allotment gardens from development. For this purpose, so-called allotment garden areas are designated in most federal states, in which building is only permitted in exceptional cases. In addition, in many cases allotment garden associations have to draw up a development plan that regulates the use of the allotment gardens.

In summary, it can be said that the allotment garden law in Germany plays an important role in the use and protection of allotment gardens. It regulates not only the use and size of the allotment gardens, but also their protection from development. In this way, allotment gardens can remain an important part of the urban green space.

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