A small wooden house with a red roof, featuring a central door flanked by windows, and located in a dry grassy area.

Pleasant living climate – thanks to log houses from Betana

Log houses are a traditional construction method in which logs are stacked on top of each other to form the walls of the house. Over the years, these houses have proven to be extremely robust and durable, making them a popular choice for homes, vacation homes and even public buildings. Here are some of the advantages of log cabins:

Sustainability: Wood is a renewable and sustainable raw material that is used in the production of log houses. Compared to other building materials such as concrete or steel, the use of wood has a much lower impact on the environment.

Energy efficiency: Log houses are very energy efficient due to their thick walls. The walls can be up to 50 cm thick, making them an excellent insulating layer to minimize heat loss and save energy costs. Wooden houses are also particularly suitable for the use of renewable energies, such as solar energy or heat pumps.

Durability: Wood is a robust material that requires little maintenance over time. Log houses can last for several generations with the right care and maintenance.

Aesthetics: Log houses have a unique and natural aesthetic that blends harmoniously into the surroundings. They also offer a warm and inviting atmosphere, which many people find particularly pleasant.

Health: Wood is a natural material that contains no harmful chemicals and ensures excellent indoor air quality. In addition, many people have reported that they experience better air quality and a better indoor climate in a log home.

Flexibility: Log houses are very adaptable and can be customized as required. By using prefabricated building elements, they can be assembled quickly and efficiently, providing a quick solution for additional living space if required.

Increase in value: Log houses are generally very stable in value due to their durability, energy efficiency and aesthetics. With good care, they can increase in value over time and be a good investment.

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